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Do they have to pay employees for orientation?
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Do they have to pay employees for orientation?

I was hired by a company and told to be there the next day for a 2 hour orientation. Reading their policies, signing agreements, ect.... The next day and my first day actually on the job I was told by a member of management that they do not pay you for that 2 hour orientation. Is this right and within the law?
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I live in Iowa


That doesn't sound right to me I have always been paid for my orientation.

No, legally they are required to pay you for orientation.

Kevin L
this is a grey area because they can consider this part of the pre employment preparation for example filling out an application you do not get paid for that. they may not have considered you an employee until your first full day. i think they are in the wrong but if i were you i would not complain because you are new and that is a good way to not have them like you. it is ok to vent but i would just let it go

Employment is something mostly governed by the state. I think it might depend on the state you live in. Maybe even the home state of the company.

Now sure the Federal government does govern some employment issues. But you should start with your state first.

So what state do you live in?

The company I work for before don't pay anything for classes you required to take. I do want to get pay for the time. Then again I want the job and the classes somewhat useful to me. So I don't complaint.

I received a check from a job orientation. I emailed a letter temp agency insisting not to be paid for this orientation because I cannot start due to an recent accident. I will be sending this back. Why do they insist on not respecting my request? Agency rating perhaps or points for tax discount? There is no guarantee I will work for this agency when I recoup. Please guide me the best way to handle this. Thanks in advance

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