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Does anyone that has narcolepsy able to claim disability living allowance?
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Does anyone that has narcolepsy able to claim disability living allowance?

i recently tried to claim dla as i have narcolepsy and was refused was wondering if anyone else who has this life-long condition has been able to claim or what benefits i am entitled to .


being able to qualify for benefits generally depends on how severe the case is. not everyone with narcolepsy would qualify for it (no one in my family would and there are 4 of us with it). in fact, of all the narcoleptics that i know - and i know several hundred with it - only one here qualifies for dla. he is unable to stay awake for more than 2-3 hrs at a time, he has dozens of cataplexies a day and he has been hospitalized for his hallucinations. his case is DEFINITELY not the average case of narcolepsy.

best bet is to gather all your dr records, including any test results & info from him stating it is so severe that you cannot work - and take it to the CAB for an appeal. you may be able to get it approved after submitting things a second time. (in the US, it is pretty common for things to be disqualified, then approved on a later appeal.) good luck. this disrder is incredibly misunderstood and underestimated in just how damaging it can be to one's lifestyle.

(and for the person who's friend is hooked up at night for his sleep disorder, he uses that for apnea not narcolepsy.)


It depends on how severely it affects your daily life, but as the others have said I'd contact the CAB and ask them if they'd help you put together an appeal against the original decision.

My Grain
That's disgusting,of course they should give you disability allowance.I'd go to the CAB.

ohh that's a tough question i think you should sleep on it ..

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im sure they are

I would imagine so as it is pretty debiliating and you can cant work so what are you supposed to do, not sure what rate of DLA you would be entitled to, remember when applying to imagine your illness on its very worst day and use this when explaining how it affects you, remember you can always appeal

Definitely go through the CAB. I've heard people who have applied on their own, and been refused, then appealed with the CAB's help and got it. They'll be able to give you the best advice to help you recieve it.

Why? My friend has this and he works. He is connected to a machine every night, but he has a normal life during the day. He works for his extra money.

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