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During job interview, copy of my drivers license and social security card were made. Ever heard of that?
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During job interview, copy of my drivers license and social security card were made. Ever heard of that?


Well let's hope you got the job and jus missed hearing them offer it to you. Because, they only need that kind of info only if they were bringing you on the team. Let's hope its not fraud!

That is a very common practice, though not necessary until hired.

maybe whoever interviewed you knows someone in the police who can run a background check on you or something? LoL

hope nothing bad happens from that n good luck in finding a good job =]

If you're in CA, it's probably for the WOTC- Work Opportunity Tax Credit. They have to send in the copies if you qualify (they get a benefit for hiring certain people who have been on government assistance). I used to work retail and we would copy everyones. I didn't like the practice much, either.

As already said, that is usually done after you have gotten the job. That being said, the positive way to look at it is that you got the job and just have not been officially told yet. Good Luck!

Jon V
during the interview is a little strange, i've had mine done but not til after being hired. wierd. sry hope that helps

If during the interview you were offered the position and accepted it, then this would be the next logical step,. This information is typically required for an employer, and you, to complete an I-9 - which is part of the post hire requirements.

If you did not accept a conditional offer of employment (they have offered you the job but you must pass a background/drug/legal eligibility requirements) before you are hired, then this would be out of the norm.

You should speak to the interviewer who took this information and clarify that you have been offered a job and under what conditions.

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