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Employer falsely accused me?
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Employer falsely accused me?

I need help. I was terminated from my job because my employer said that another employee signed an affidavit saying that I tried to recruit her and start my own company. Their lawyer sent me a letter that said that I used company time and resources for my own benefit and that they are looking to press criminal and legal damages against me. I NEVER did any of these things. Wouldn't they need to produce some sort of proof to go forward with these things? I know the employee that said these things against me, we NEVER got along. People lyingly sign affidavits all the time. Can they really sue me based on what one person said?


Me, Too
Personally, I don't think you have any worries unless you start up a company right away. A letter from a lawyer is usually just a threat, but unless you start up a company, they only have the word of the employee that doesn't like you, and that is not enough proof. It is simply a he-said, she-said situation.

I do think you need to see a lawyer. If you have had no plans to start up a company and they fired you on the word of another employee without any further proof, I believe YOU are the one with the grounds for a lawsuit.

They can sue you based on what they think somebody MIGHT have said. You don't need a good reason to sue.

Get a lawyer and countersue for defamation of character. Make sure your lawyer takes the case on a contingency basis, meaning, they get a percentage of what they collect. If you don't win, you don't pay.

if they have no proof noting will happen but a bunch of wasted time.
i would let them know that you have lawyer(even if you dont) and you demand to see some proof before you counter sue for slander or whatever it would be called. be confident and loud in demanding said proof of this and they should back down.
but on the offhand chance they do show proof, whether its real or not then you really do need to get a lawyer and have a great wasted time in court.

Tennessee MOM
It will have to be proven in court.

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