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Got fired on Monday and working on salary. should I get paid for the whole week?
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Got fired on Monday and working on salary. should I get paid for the whole week?

The Place is working 6 days a week.


No. You are only paid for the time worked on Monday, Inclusive of the time you actually walked into the office.

No, unless they decide to pay you extra - you'd be paid for Monday, prorated for the hours you were there. They'd calculate that by taking your weekly salary, dividing probably by 40 but maybe by the number of hours typically worked to get an hourly rate.

no. you were terminated they only have to pay you hourly for that day

No, your salary generally ends when your work ends. Unless there is an employment contract, they only have to pay you through the end of your time there (i.e. if you left 2 hours into the work week and are expected to work 50 hours a week, then they only have to pay 1/25th of your normal weekly salary.)

In the first and last week of employment you only need to be paid for actual time worked.

In your situation, you are only entitled to pay for Monday.

Rebecca R
It would depend on your contract. Usually they have to reimburse you for a portion of your personal time and your retirement plan, if you have one.

As far as I know, you should. Plus severance pay.
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