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Hired for a job and never heard back from employer?
Find answers to your legal question.

Hired for a job and never heard back from employer?

I was hired for a new restaurant, I filled out the W2, signed papers, all that stuff and was told they would call me soon to tell me my training schedule. Well, they have not called and I have been leaving messages for the manager to please call me and let me know whats going on.
Dont employers have a responsibility to let you know if you have the job or not? I mean I didnt go out and look for a job because I didnt need it, I need to start working and I'm sick of sitting around waiting.


In 100% agreement with RY. This place sounds absolutely disorganized and probably not a place you want to work at in the long run. If you decide not to take the job I suggest you go to the restaurant and ask for all of the paperwork you filled out. If you are not allowed to leave the premises with the paperwork/forms (which is more than likely you won't be able too) make sure the paperwork is destroyed in your presence. I wouldnt' trust my personal information with such an organization.

Yes, definitely go there (not call). Chances are the restaurant isn't open due to construction delays, etc.

Francesca Thomas
It sounds like you were hired to be a casual employee - also known as ON CALL - and employed only when needed.

Or you were scammed.

Jack N
Go to the place and talk face to face with the manager

Yes they would have given you a start date. I say go back to the restaurant to see if they opened yet. If they are, demand to see the manager of the resturant. Get a start date. Good luck

How long has it been? If it's just been a week or two, give it a little more time. If it's been a month, you could stop at the restaurant and try to see the manager on site.

You said a new restaurant. Is it open yet? Maybe their opening was delayed.

In any case, it's probably worth continuing to look for a different job.

i was hired by a job was told they would call on sunday but now its wenesday and i have not heard from no one yet,what should i do next? i filled out the w2 i received my hiring packet, how long should i wait?

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