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How do I know if I'm hired?
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How do I know if I'm hired?

Ok so i went to target and applied for salesfloor at the kiosk. i got a first interview, then it lead to a second interview. so at the second interview, my interviewer said if it was ok if i did cashier instead because they needed more cashiers. i said.. thats fine. and she said to come back monday at 10am with a paper application filled out that she gave me. i know it seems like i got hired. but these papers looked familiar to me. because i remember filling out these papers when i tried to apply at another target, but they ended up giving me a postcard. so.. how do i know if im hired or not?


If I have called and ask to go for finger prints, that means I am hired.

If you are told to come in for an orientation and you are given w2 forms to fill out you are hired .. If it is just a job application you do not have the job yet

When you get your first paycheck lol

When you fill out your W-2's and do orientation though

Happy Dad!
Follow the instructions you were given and show up with the completed forms. Many companies require that your application match the job you actually receive so they will probably begin the process of hiring once you pass the test of following simple instructions. Good Luck

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