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How do employers know if you have your g.e.d or not for employment? an how do they check to see if you do?
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How do employers know if you have your g.e.d or not for employment? an how do they check to see if you do?


Arthur W
very simple,they use the same thing you just used to ask your question; the computer. In todays electronics wrld you can find out anytjing you want on here so its best not to lie to a perspective employer as it will haunt you for a very long time not incluing you wont get the job. Most of all,you dont want for the employer to find out after he hired you as this then becomes part of your permanent work record which could possibly be conveyed to any other futur employers that your a liar so just dont do it as itsnot worth it

They can ask that you bring in a copy of it.

More and more places are doing background checks when hiring employees. And more and more are asking for proof of the education you claim, whether it's a GED, a high school diploma or a college degree.

Good question... I finished college and worked for about 6 different companies after graduating. This was over a period of 40 years and I was never asked for a high school diploma or my college diploma. I think during the interview if you are comfortable and seem truthful most never verify whether you have a GED or diploma. I started out as a clerk and ended up as President of a Bank and was never asked to verify my education... sorta disappointed me!!!!! dang all that work for what!!! As for how they would check, there are companies they can hire do do back ground checks if they want. One of the companies doing back ground checks was called Equifax, I think .... dont know if they are still around or not.

If an employer runs a background check they can access the following:

1. Employment history
2. Education history
3. Criminal history
4. Credit history

This is a common practice. If you do not have a G.E.D., don't write down that you. Honesty is always best in regards to employment.

It is best to tell the truth just becuase of the originator of the law? Now, I have often put that I have never been convicted of a crime and have never lost a job to that lie. So if they never checked to see if I had a background you should have problem. Truth to be told you should get a G.E.D.

Just ask you to bring in your diploma...easy

Expert Realtor
They call the county that supposedly issued it.

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