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How do i dress up my resume when the only jobs i have had are fast food and dry cleaning ?
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How do i dress up my resume when the only jobs i have had are fast food and dry cleaning ?

I am now getting started in my career in the legal field. I will graduate from college in March. I do not have any experience working in a professional office setting. Other than my typing and computer skills, what can I put on my resume (without flat out lying) that would make a law office want to hire me ?


clubs in college?
offices you held in those clubs?
you need to do an internship.
honestly, you have failed to do anything that makes you an outstanding candidate.

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Fast food - did you work the counter ? Put 'experience in dealing with all customer types, and in fulfilling difficult requests in an efficient and cost-effective manner' (ex someone wanted no meat on their hamburger) , 'handled payments and customer complaints while working in a fast -paced environment', 'built a strong foundation in multitasking', and 'used organizational skills to simplify where able, to increase productivity' (ex you put the napkins on the left side of the register instead of the right side where you might knock them over).

If you didn't work the counter, and you worked the grill or something, you could still use the multitasking/organization/fast paced phrases but make them more specific to the job you did.

Well since you have the skills and not the experience, I would list education first.
1.School(the skills you acquired)
2.Then you put in the fast food restaurant

In other words you want to put down first what you been doing since your last job, which is getting skills. No need to lie.

Francesca Thomas
customer service,
dealing with upset clients,

Is there any way you can demonstrate past or current interest in the position? For instance, have you read a book about the kind of practice that the office specializes in, have you worked on a volunteer project that is related in substance or skill set? If not, then join something now or read something now. "I have been reading A Civil Action and think that working in a law office can truly make a difference in the lives of people who are injured and need advocacy." "I see that you do a lot of civil rights work. I have just joined the ACLU." etc. Have you taken a course? Could you sign up for a community college or adult education course on some aspect of the legal system? Even if you start right now you could say, "I am currently enrolled in . . . Business Law 1010, Introduction to Legal Assisting, Basic Real Estate law, etc. etc.". Write a good cover letter demonstrating enthusiasm and the source of those feelings. Find ways to demonstrate a commitment to working in that environment and follow through.
Good luck.

Clean paper and no food stains.

Try saying things like "team player" which fast food is all about, but so is an office setting. Think of other transferable skills such as time management, multi-tasking etc. Sometimes its not all about technical skill, just being a hard working person can get you quite far.

ashley r
If you want to work in a law office but have not had experience in an office enviroment you should highlight your accomplishments while you've been at college. Classes you've taken, certificates or recognition you've gained, any internships or volunteer experience you have. Also highlight the skills you've gained from your jobs or college, for instance you've gained the ability to be a team player working in the fast food industry.

working in a fast food joint/cleaners does not mean that u don't learn about things like:-
1. management
3.time management
6.customer service etc
if u were to look back carefully u will realised that all the above stated have actually been done by u. My advise is read as many management books as u can, irrespective of how old the books are & u will be able to spot what i have just said. In the legal field , its no difference. U need to have customer handling skill, u need to troubleshoot, u need costing, u need time management & u need to be able to train yr support staff.
Simple things like frying fries, u learn about time management, costing--when to change the oil, u need management-how much to cook at different time, management--u need to know how to juggle between the counter & the bain marie etc, & trainer--need to train new guys.

Hope that helps. But law---that u need fr college.

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