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How do you beat a background check?
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How do you beat a background check?

I have a felony and want to know how i can cheat a background check. How can I get past the check???


Depends. Is the government or a fortune 500 company running it? Then, good luck with that.

Or is it a smaller company that only runs credit reports and checks local court files? You might luck out.

You cannot "beat" a background check, the only thing you could do is to assume another person's identity, but I think that is a felony too.

Your only other option is to just come clean at the point of offer and let them think about it, you never know you may get lucky.

Uh, Isn't that how you got your felony record? Cheating the system will only lessen your chances. Be up front with the person that is conducting the background check. Honesty can help.

You don't. Not with a felony. It will show unless it was removed from records.

Idiot... you cannot beat the background check, And if you try you will most likely be fired for falsifying your job application.

My advice... admit to the felony and give some explaination, let them do the background check and then the HR dept. and/or Legal dept. can decide if they will hire you.

You can't. It's all tied to your soc. sec. number. So, unless you have and work under another identity you're pretty much "SOL". However, I will tell you that MOST major employers only go back 5, 7, or 10 years. Good luck.

Good Luck,


Richard H
go to court and find out how to get it expunged (deleted) from your record, then do what they say.

Barry auh2o
You don't. There are things in life you can do that can never be undone. This is one of them.

with a stick? (in jest only)

Seriously, can you? If it is possible, everyone would have done it. It is just too easy to find out about someone's background. Hard to hide it unless you are James Bond.

maggie m
It depends on:
Your record
Number of offenses?
Seriousness of offenses (violent or not; felony or misdemeanor)?
How long ago?
Were you a juvenile?
Where they happened (in the USA, another country)?
Who is looking (which company or government agency)?
Your purpose and definition of "get past"?

If you are trying to completely hide serious offenses that occurred in the USA, that will be very difficult or impossible

If you are a first offended for nonviolent crimes, you can get the record expunged. Even so, private data companies may already have the information and they will keep it available.
Justice officials (prison, police, judges, probation officers) will still have access to expunged information in case you get into trouble again.

If you deceive a government official, then you would be committing another crime and compounding your problem.

In the private sector, some companies look past nonviolent crimes because they need the workers. Once you are hired, if you are a dedicated worker, maybe you can move up. That is your best bet.

With a record for violent crimes, you should work with a case worker to get started with a company that is known to accept people with bad records. There will be a few and you may have to move to where they are. Do what it takes to get started with a company, then be a great employee.

It helps if you have skills. Work with a case worker to get into a training program for a skill that you might enjoy. Don't be tricked by training programs that just want you to take out a government loan so they can get your money. Work with the case worker to select a skill that is in demand so that you actually wind up with a job.

Many people and companies can appreciate honesty, skills, and effort. That is the best method to "get past" a criminal record.

You can learn "How to Do a Free Background Check" on yourself, here:

Good luck. Better still, make your own good luck.

Tape someone else's fingerprint pattern to your fingers so your print check does not come back .

FYI - To the A.R. raters , this is tongue-in-cheek humor ,
Lighten up , get a life .

register your name at wowomg.com


wonder boy
i was charge but not convicted will that show up

D Christie
The first step - get a passport. Then, move to a really Free Country that doesn't punish you for life and meddle in every facet of your personal behavior. Find a place with fewer petty intrusive laws that are so numerous and so arcane that they can neither be interpreted or reasonably complied with by anybody who wants to be free. There of lots of places besides the massive fraud called the USA, which only pays lip service to freedom but, in reality, tramples it every day.

D Christie
The first step - get a passport. Then, move to a really Free Country that doesn't punish you for life and meddle in every facet of your personal behavior. Find a place with fewer petty intrusive laws that are so numerous and so arcane that they can neither be interpreted or reasonably complied with by anybody who wants to be free. There's lots of places besides the massive fraud called the USA, which only pays lip service to freedom but, in reality, tramples it every day.

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