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How far back can employers check for a felony?
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How far back can employers check for a felony?

My husband has just passed his 10 year mark from the date of his conviction. He has been checking the "NO" box and now he's a little worried that they might be able to find it. Especially since he wasnt intentionally lying, he was just under the impression that the limit was up. We were under the impression it was 7 years, but have also seen it say 10. Either way we figure it has been both of those amount of times. I do pretty well on a computer and cant find any records of his felony in any of the court websites, unless I go to the actual DOC website and search inactive inmates, but I also know that jobs will pay for the background check websites, which I have no experience with. Anyone that has something helpful, I thank you in advance!!


If the question says "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?", then the answer is yes.

If the question says "Have you been convicted of a felony in the last 10 years?", then the answer is no.

For some jobs, there is not limit. And if you can search the DOC website, so can any future employer.

I have heard 7, but I suspect that murder or violent crime transcends this limit. Don't quote me...

Sorry a felony is forever............

It depends on the third party they go through. Some go back 7, some go back 10, some only do instate 7 to 10 years.. Some will do out of state as well.. I know of one employer who just checks county. Its really all up in the air.. An FBI check will stay forever. I know my grandmother was able to work for the census and she had a felony in 1979.. and even the goverment didnt catch that.. so i dunno

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