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How long can an employee work you with no break or lunch.?
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How long can an employee work you with no break or lunch.?


I think it depends on the state. I do know that in my state you are required to have a break every four hours, and most places will give you a short break every two hours. My last job was hell and they often worked those of us in management for 9 hours with no break, or gave us only one break just an hour into the shift when it wasn't needed.

All depends on the State and/Country you are in. For example in NYS a minimum of 30 minutes is to be given after 6 consecutive hours of work. Alot of us would be more helpful if we knew what State or Country you are in.

What does it say in your company's office guidelines? Ask for a copy and READ ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS......

depends on the country. in south africa you are allowed a one hour break per eight hour shift. however, an employer and employee may conclude an agreement other than this, but the employee must have at least a half hour break per eight hours.

four hours according to federal law.

if your working more than 6hrs,then you HAVE to have a minimum of 20 mins,taken during the shift,not before or at the end. I don't think part-time as the same protection though

Normally 4 hours but most conscientious employees would occasionally work for longer if there was a deadline to meet

by federal law,you are entiltled to a break/lunch after 4 hours. most places give 2 -15 min breaks and 1/2 hour lunch. it depends. but you should at least get a 1/2 hour for lunch as required by law

An employer cannot work you more than 4 hours without a break. And, its 30 minutes for every 4 hours. This is federal law. Minors get more, though i don't recall the specifics. Check the Department of Labor website.

May 1st bride!!
I've worked 13 hours straight with no break before... I think the only laws there are about breaks is that they're mandatory for minors

Dean *
no more whining. Get back to work!!!!

Depends upon the country in which employment is seeked. As in most countries, an employee can work for max 8 hours with 1 small break in middle. No employee can work more than 16 hours continuously per day. For women or children (above 14 and below 18), they cant work more than 12 hours per day.

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