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How much notice is required for a shift change at work?
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How much notice is required for a shift change at work?

I am currently workin 8hour days and am now been told im going to be working 13hour days, 4 days a week.


It would be in your contract - normally at least 7 days notice

kevin h
depending on how many are to change shifts .we
done a shift change they was 80 or so we got 90 days notice

It should be in your contract or staff handbook. My employer has to give a month's notice (helps to rearrange childcare etc) but we have a Union- hope you do too.

Unless there is something written in your handbook or contract (union) There is no legal (federal) requirements.

You work the hours scheduled or find another job.

If i remember correctly, when i worked in a factory and the management wanted to change working shift patterns or contracts they had to give us 13 weeks notice.

Depends on what is in your contract really but it also has to be a reasonable amount of time....what is reasonable is for you and your employer to decide

Hector S
Hi - the notice period should be stated in your contract or your employment handbook. If they are changing shift pattern in order to save the company and reduce the impact of redundancies then you do not have much on your side.
If you are a member of the union, then raise this with them, afterall thats why you join and pay a weekly/monthly fee.

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