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How should I handle a co-worker who threatened me with violence?
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How should I handle a co-worker who threatened me with violence?

Long story short I had a problem with another co-worker last week refusing to do his job. I called my other co-worker as this was the second time he has done this too me. He tells me to go to my boss, I wanted to handle it without that but since that was his advice I did.

After the phone call the co-worker decided to do part of what he was suppose to do but he was not going to stay after taping the other and expected me to finish it. I told my boss and he called the co-worker the next day with me there and reminded him what his hours were and he was to tape whatever he was told.

As far as I was concerned end of story. Well Saturday I call the Co-worker who told me to go ahead and tell the boss. I was going to see if he knew someone I could hire to help me move. Well he starts cussing me out and accusing me of lying and a bunch of crap and how he is going to kick my a**. So I call my boss and he calls and it's all over the other co-worker.
My boss did nothing about the threat.


Hmm... My guess would be he's not going to try to kick your *** or he wouldn't just be saying it when you called him.

If you're worried, then I'd go to your boss again and if you get no satisfaction then go to their boss. You could also call the police and fill out a report, but no action will be taken if all he is doing is running his mouth. I know from an experience with an old abusive boyfriend that..... hey, it's ok if he calls and SAYS he's going to kill you, but we can't do anything about it until he actually tries.

That is not to scare you - just to give you an idea of how the police work with situatuions like that. At least you would have a record of contacting the police if he ever assualted you or did any type of property damage.

Good luck.

So, Unfortunate, but this does happen from time to time to employees. I would make a police report. Once the report has been made and cleared I would get a copy and give to my supervisor. Then maybe, he will take you seriously.

In the mean time. Do your job and don't worry about what the other person is doing. If you get to a stopping point where you can not do your job because someone else has not done theirs, then point that out to your supervisor at that time. Good luck! (Smile) It's going to be alright....

If this conversation took place outside of work on your own time, then you need to proceed with this as a civil manner. You can put your H.R. department on notice but make sure you clarify to them that it took place outside of work, but that you were threatened by him with violence.

Your choice if you want to go to the police and file a complaint or report against him.

Call the police, not your boss. But first bring a tape recorder the next time you meet that guy. Good luck!

In this case, it seems he was venting. If he was some stranger on the street, it would be different -but if a co-worker made my day at work a pain and then calls me up at home or on my cell for a friggin favor, I'd tell him where to stick it!

Get over it. You tattled and he's pissed. What the heck did you expect? You go to the boss and then reach out to him for a favor? Duh!

Pick your after-work friends more selectively?

david b
First of all I know nothing about the power structure at your job, as far as who is over your boss. Also I don't know if standing up for yourself will get you fired. At my job I feel my boss would certainly have my back. So, try this depending on how you think it will play out at your job.Firmly tell your boss all that has gone on, and about the physical threats and that you demand action be taken. Tell your boss that you want, it to be documented, and make it very clear that you will follow up, and if not handeled you are going straight to someone higher up, until it is resolved. Tell your boss that you want it documented, and ON the record. I had a boss, that would pull us aside like friends, and be like ok lets all try to get along. This doesnt work for me. I want documented proof that this person was called out, and action was taken, then the next time you do it again,and again. Until there is a bonafide evidence that shows there behaviour. This is so there is hard evidence to fire that person, or protect you in a future altercation.

I'd get myself a taser, if I didn't know any martial arts, but I do know martial arts, so I don't need any taser. Anyway, if I needed a taser, then I would get one and stun him when nobody is looking. Then break my foot off in his a**. Then, I would give him a little lecture about how it is not wise to F with people like me. Otherwise, next time, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Confront a bully. Otherwise, he will continue to pick on you. For some people, confrontation and/or violence is the only language they understand.

the boss can not do anything about a threat, he has to act on proof. Threats are just that. If this person lays a finger on you, then the boss can fire him.

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