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I'm on a shutdown at work for 2 weeks, do i collect umployment or workmens comp. I work but not released by Dr
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I'm on a shutdown at work for 2 weeks, do i collect umployment or workmens comp. I work but not released by Dr

We're on a 2 weeks shutdown. I'm back to work but not released from my Dr. because I'm perminently partially diabled. Can you collect unemployment or will that screw up your workmens comp in michigan?


Princess Leia
I believe it is workers' compensation. I do not believe that you can collect unemployment unless you are ready, willing, and able to work and since you have not been released to work by your doctor, you're not considered "able to work."

Information re: unemployment compensation in Michigan can be found here:

filr for unemeployemt and see, you can not collect WC and UC at the same time

dude 42
possible short term disability. They only pay about 50-70 percent of normal earnings

You can't collect unemployment for a SCHEDULED shutdown of the plant. workers comp is related ONLY to your disability, the shutdown should not affect it in any way. Most plants that shut down for 2 weeks have a UNION contract that treats the shutdown as vacation time.

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