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I am being accused of stealing and my boss thinks it's no big deal.?
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I am being accused of stealing and my boss thinks it's no big deal.?

I work for an organization that receives both local and state assistance. My job is to complete work orders at one of the properties they own and manage. This property is for the elderly and disabled. Just recently (last week) I was told that one of the residents believes I took some of his belongs during my completion of a work order in his apartment. I spoke with my boss and told her that I did not like being accused of false accusations. This week the man told other residents. And again I told my boss and said she needed to call HR and ask them how to handle this. My job requires that I be a trusting employee. HR came back and said that I needed to have "tough skin" if I wanted to continue in this position. I enjoy my job and want to continue in it. Anyone out there have any suggestions on what steps I need to take other than to go to my boss and HR.


Paul in San Diego
What HR meant was that this kind of treatment is common in your line of work (getting accused by demented old people that you stole something from them). They probably get that complaint all the time and it's never turned out to be true. They're just saying that, if you have a personal problem with hearing those kinds of lies about you that your boss knows are lies, then perhaps you should look into working at a different job. Because that comes with the territory with this one.

I don't know what the HR person means by have a tougher skin, but if they are satisfied that the accusations are unfounded then you should be too. You can't prevent people from saying false things against you. I guess you could sue the individual who accused you for slander, but what do you think you will get in terms of compensation? The reputation you need to worry about is that with your employer so don't worry if some old people are paranoid or lost something and automatically assumed someone must have taken it. Good luck.

Michael K
If your not stealing I wouldn't worry about it. but if posible bring a coworker or witness whenever you have to work in his apartment in the future.
The elderly and disabled are used to being taken advantage of and are suspicious of anyone new coming into their home or living area. some make accusations for attention others misplace things and figure that the last person through the door must have stole it and some do it to get back and get you in trouble for some precieved wrong you have done them.[. In any case your HR person is right, you HAVE to have a "tough skin" in your line of work. My wife has at an assisted living center for the elderly for the last ten years. she has been accused of stealing, been called every name in the book, been urinated, spit, pooped and vomited on. she has been threatened and hit on. This line of work isnt for everyone. I'm not sure if I could take the abuse that these people put you through without snapping myself.

Good Luck

Texas granny turtle
My husband is over 80+ school custodian employees. He spends half time on situations like this. 90 % time it is resolved. If actual doubt is evident then a camera or test on their honesty is set up. If your bosses are not concerned then try to continue your duties best as can. You do have right to as if this is in your HR file and a copy for yourself. Elderly and disabled do get targeted a lot so they become paranoid. Good Luck.

Sharon T
I would put it in writing, keeping it factual and brief. Then I would mail the letter of explanation to HR so it will be placed in your file.

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