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I gave a 2 week notice to my employer. The next day the employer told me not to come back.Am I owed any $$?
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I gave a 2 week notice to my employer. The next day the employer told me not to come back.Am I owed any $$?

I gave my employer a 2 week notice because I was offered a better paying job. The next day my employer contacted me and told me that I "did not have to return" to work because I had accepted a job with a competitor. Even though that job was not due to begin for another 3 weeks. Am I owed that last 2 weeks of pay? Should I file for unemployment benefits?


Not likely. You can't get paid for work not performed in most cases.

You can file for unemployment thought and will likely get the benefits since you did give notice and the employer refused to let you work out the two weeks.

No, you aren't owed the last 2 weeks of pay, you are only owed for the time you actually worked.

In most states you won't be able to collect unemployment.

Expert Realtor
It varies by state. Some states say that if you put in a 2- week notice and then they turn around and fire you, they owe you for the two weeks (ie. North Carolina)...other states say they don't have to pay.

You cannot get unemployment benefits until you have been unemployed for at least 30 days.

Some employers let employees go for security reasons instead of permitting them to work out a notice...but it's unprofessional not to inform an employee of this at hire.

Just remember:

NEVER tell a current employer that you are accepting another position...especially a competitor.

ALWAYS be financially prepared to be let go the DAY you put in your notice..b/c most employers have that right.

not owed anything and won't be able to collect unemployment.

insane draggin
Only vacation time owed and the time you actually worked.

If you have vacation coming, that amou nt is owed. There is a 1 week waiting period to collect unemployment. The 2 weeks vacation pay does not count toward time off.. You would start the new job as soon as you become eligible. Make sure you are going to get your vacation. They may stiff you.

easy tigerâ„¢
The old double standard comes into play, they can discharge you when it suits them best, but they request a two week notice to give them time to fill your space. s.o.l......

The employer is NOT required to accept YOUR notice. However the employer is required to PAY YOU YOUR REQUIRED NOTICE.

For example In my jurisdiction in Canada, if a person works less than 3 months its zero. 3 months to 2 years = 1week

over 2 years, 2 weeks..

SO If I give 2 weeks notice, and I'm less than 3 months, the employer can let me go right away and not pay anything.
If I have worked like a year, he doesn't have to accept my 2 weeks, he can say, We're refusing the two weeks, and letting you go today, We will pay you the required ONE week notice.

Make sure you get what you are entitled to. Find out how much you are entitled to get from your local labour office. An employer ALWAYS has to pay the REQUIRED notice. So depending on your situation, yes you might get your two weeks paid.

I don't think you will be eligible for unemployment since you quit. Maybe call the new employer, tell them you are available right away. Can you start sooner??

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