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I have a felony and need a job. Any suggestions? Work from home, maybe?
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I have a felony and need a job. Any suggestions? Work from home, maybe?

I'm currently on deffered. I was with a "friend" and we got pulled over....long story short we both got arrested and I was charged with a state jail felony since he wouldn't admitted guilt. We are no longer friends. I have a college degree. And now I can't get a job. I need help!!!


-Don't Give Up!-

I can personally tell you- not every employer cares, and I'm not just talking about the crappy jobs, either. I am a hotel manager, and I look at each and every applicant, regardless of background- you are not your record! Everyone deserves the chance to prove themselves; resumes and criminal records are far less accurate than the first week on the job.

Always do more than merely check the box next to yes on the felony question. Answer as completely and honestly as possible. If the interviewer is understanding, then it truly is a good place to work.

The best of luck with your job hunting.

I cannot give legal advice, but I suggest that you contact the probation officer that you had or have. If you have satisfied your requirements and your case is eligible for pardon and/or expungement under your state's legal statutes, I would ask the Clerk of Court how you can file for an expungement. This would take these things off your record. You may have to serve a period of community service, or some other requirement after you have done what the courts have asked. You may have to get notarized letters from responsible people in the community to attest to the fact that you are a good citizen. If you are able to have this conviction expunged, it would be worth it to do so...even if it is costly or time consuming. Humbling yourself for a short while will be worth hardships for the rest of your life.

red riter
Most small companies won't ask about a record.
There are lots of jobs in the medical and healthcare fields.

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You can try applying to the Board of Pardon and Parole in your area. But there are requirements to qualify.

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