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I have been signed off work by my doctor but work have ordered me back, what is the legal stance? ?
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I have been signed off work by my doctor but work have ordered me back, what is the legal stance? ?


Ansell A
If you doctor has medically signed you off then you cannot work.
Your company can however make you have an examination by a company appointed doctor.

most employers wouldn't even let you come back whilst signed off if you wanted to as it affects their insurance. They can't make you work if you are signed off.

Work cannot order you back if your doc has signed you off.

Take or send them the sick note, the note should say for how long you cannot work. If they still say you must return tell them to go to hell if they dismiss you, you can sue their ***.

Peter M
If your Doc has signed you off work, then there must be a very good reason for it ~ go back to the Doc and tell him that your company demands you go back, and he will do the rest, he should have given you a note to send to them, if not get one ~ or he can write to them and explain why you cannot return at present.

as my understanding of this goes...............

work cannot order you back to work whilst you have a valid doctos note....however, work can order you to see a doctor of their choice and if he doesn't agree can then send you back to work.

what i would advise is to contact your doctors surgery. not an appointment just contact them and ask the receptionist, what they will probably do is get the doctor to give you a ring back and advise you further.

dont quote me on this but i think this is how it works

They can't force you to come back. But unless you are off on FMLA leave, they can fire you.

If your doctor has signed you off work then there is absolutely nothing your employer can do. An employer is not qualified to judge your medical condition and therefore cannot order you to do anything unless, of course, there is something in your contract of employment that states otherwise.

Happy Harry
If you go back to work and your illness causes you to die, your nearest relatives will be able to sue your boss.

They cannot order you back to work if you have a signed sick note from your doctor. Ask your doctor to write them a note explaining why you are unable to work and for how long.

If doctor says you're unfit to work, tell them so. They can't make you go back.

if you have a sick note then you cannott be ordered back, you are signed off for a reason and they need to respect that

Your work cannot order you back.

maybe at work they will give you a job at a computer terminal.. you seem fit to do that...
but on a lighter note, go back to work, they obviously need you..

Injured Worker
I was injured at work, I am in pain. The doctors wrote me off for a month, it hurts to stand or sit for an extended period of time. Work wants me to return on light duty. I have to go to another appointment in 3 weeks for another check up to see if I might need surgery. I have to go to physical therapy to. What can I do if they want me to return to work.

Can they with hold pay with a doctors note when you are on disability?

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