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I just got out of prison. im trying to find a job. im also a felon. Where can i find a job?
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I just got out of prison. im trying to find a job. im also a felon. Where can i find a job?

Additional Details
Look im not the one thats the felon. Its a relative that just got out 48 hours ago


robert w
suggest a visit to the library.
get read understand and act on.
'48 days to work u love' d. miller
'what colour is ur parachute'
good info on ur next stage of life.

You're in a tough situation. Do you have a probation officer or someone like that who could give you some leads?

Good luck.

probably a hotel...

like a fairfield or comfort inn...

most dont do background checks...

good luck getting your life back together! :)

try working on a auto store or body shop.

it depends on what do want to do. first spend time with "mr. google" asking questions finding out what works in your favor and yes, in your current situation. there are a whole host of women reform programs like carpentry, plumbling, and electrician programs that after a certain length of time plus making available the test for your license. you will be sent out as an apprentice for cabinet maid, to assist in "the hook up" after house construction, condo construction etc. thses fields pay great salaries plus allows you to even market yourself as an independent in time. so you can accomplish being your own women and even explore having your own business where you would market out people on behalf of "your own" company. to me, this is the ultimate because the small business assoc has a wealth of free info us. and though it is a time where finding money is a little funny, life is always good for women. for one thing we are viewed as the lesser of the two evils which is still alright. so whatever your story, its now considered behind you, so dream big, find that thread in the fabric that you claim as yours and work it girl.. god bless you

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