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I live in Oklahoma, I have a felony, do you know who will hire me?
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I live in Oklahoma, I have a felony, do you know who will hire me?

I just got out of prison in march, I am on parole until sept 08. I have a good resume to my previous conviction. I have administration and customer service experience, but sadly I am having a hard time finding work do to my felony. I am becoming frustrated, and min wage will not cover my fines and living costs. Can anyone help me? Is there anyoneone who has advise or has gone through this and is now successful in life?


There is a federal program available for people who are considered to be "high-risk" on the job. It's called the Federal Bonding Program.


The program is free to the one wanting to work and also to the employer. Basically, it is insurance to protect the employer against employee dishonesty.

It is also an incentive to the employer to hire an at-risk job applicant and there are many nationwide, well-know, large corporations who participate in the bonding program.

Also, depending on your eligibility, an employer can receive a tax credit. "The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to all private sector businesses. It was designed as an incentive to employers to hire individuals in certain targeted groups which consistently experience high rates of unemployment due to a variety of employment barriers."

Being able to offer any of the above to a potential employer will help to make you more marketable and may give you the break you will need in the work force.

Your local workforce commission should also be able to help you with any programs they may have in place for job placement.

Good luck.

go to western oklahoma and you can find work on an oil rig. there are plenty of oil companies in the elk city area that are hurting for hands and will give you a second chance. there are also oil companies around Mcalester in the eastern part that will give you a shot i bet. Oil field is booming right now.
I work in the oilfield and made 120k last year.
Good luck.

suzanne g
Office work will be extremely hard to find. Consider going into a different field. Who might hire you: restaurants, lawn care, tree trimming & ice storm debris removal, construction crews, carpet layers.

Jennifer F
It depends on the type of felony, my husband had a felony DUI and was able to write a letter of explanation to his future employer. Although he would not have been able to get a driving job, obviously. He is a successful Banker now. If your felony is for theft or fraud or something like that you will probably have to try and get a job at a small company that doesnt have corporate policies.

WoW! Well I am glad you did your time for whatever you did and are trying to get back on your feet. It will be tough for you . Have you tried using a temp service?
I am not sure about OK but in TX they have rentry programs that help you find jobs and get back on your feet. There is a non-profit organization called Prison Entrepreneurship. There is also this website I found for Felon Resources whose goal is to help felons find meaningful jobs. I just "Googled" jobs for felons. If you add the city and state in quotations it will narrow the search to your area.



I hope this helps you! Good Luck!

i suppose guarder will suit for u.i wonder u should be very strong and very brave.

Uncle Sam wants you!

shoegal 67
Depends on what you did, if it was a vilolent crime you may have alot of trouble. Your parole officer should be giving you some help with this. You may have to take a min wage job for the time being until you boost up your reputation as a law abiding citizen for now. Face the fact that you have a record and some employers may have trouble hiring you. Some employers may find your work experience in a min wage job as a good sign you are trying to make ammends for your crime(min wage work is not below you since you have a record) and hire you once you have some good references from that job. Do a good job at what ever you can find, and if you are a good employee your reputation will be restored and you should have no trouble finding a better job eventually. Perhaps you could get some glowing references from your warden or correction officers that say you were a good worker (in the prison) and that might help you get a decent job.

The Military

My relative has a felony and worked at a shop detailing cars. He actually brought home like 800.00 a week! And that was first shift monday-friday. Just an idea .

Just submit your resume to some online consultancies and you will certainly get to know about some good jobs in Oklahoma. Best of luck http://www.jobsoklahoma.org

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