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I may have a job at shells gas station but there doing a background check & i have a warrant?
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I may have a job at shells gas station but there doing a background check & i have a warrant?

because i was driving without my liecense and they gave me a court date & I didnt show, which means a warrant will be issued out.will the warrant show up on my background check? and hold me from getting the job?


If they're checking, more than likely, they will find it.

You need to resolve that situation. It will only get worse if you run away from it.

Good luck.

you better look elsewhere for employment !

There is a strong possibility. How long ago was the warrant issued and have you taken steps to resolve the situation?

Mark J
It depends on if they run a specific wants and warrants search and not just a criminal search. If they run a warrants check such as here: http://www.efindoutthetruth.com/NationwideCriminal.htm then they will find out.

Very likely the warrant will be on your file.

It is very difficult for the gas station to justify hiring you with this, whether it is fair or not, but that's the way the system works.

Best thing for you to do is to go and take action to settle the warrant, then when everything is clean, go searching for a job.

the few the proud the many
Wait and see if you get the job. If you don't check back and ask why. Say you didn't know your driver's license had been revoked you never recieved a notice in the mail you'll check into that.

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