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I quit a job after 3 weeks and the company are refusing to pay me, is this against the law?
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I quit a job after 3 weeks and the company are refusing to pay me, is this against the law?

The company claim i should have given them 1 months notce which it also states in my contract i signed. Surely it is not logical to give a company 1 months notice when you have worked there for a short period of time and it is against the law to not pay me wages owed to me?


This is different when there is a contract involved. Most employment is "At Will", meaning that you are not REQUIRED to give them notice, but it is recommended. However, if you have a legal document, you will have to read the legal document as to what it states.

Next time, put in the 1 months notice. Chances are, they will ASK you to leave immediately rather than losing the money they spend training you (very rarely is someone fully trained and worth the cost in 3 weeks.) -- Then, they would have had to pay you as they would also be in breach of contract.

You may want to speak to an attorney. But at the very least, get a copy of the contract and read what it states.

I would be surprised if they didn't make you full fill your commitment to them. Does your contract state anything about not paying you if you don't work a full month before leaving? I would venture to say that yes they will have to pay you but these days anything goes. Did you formally quit or did you just walk out without saying a word?

In most cases when you get hired as an Employee at a company, you do not sign a contract. You should read the contract you signed to see what you and they are obligated to do. At the same time you may protected under state and federal laws if you were actually hired by the company as an employee.

In general, I would say you are owed the money. You can go to your state's Department of Labor and ask them their opinion.

Yes, they will have to pay you, but dont be surprised if they sue you for not fulfilling your contract. Contact your state's labor dept for more information.

There are two possibilities here, both dependent on the nature of your "contract."

If what you signed was in actuality a legally binding contract, and you were being treated as a contractor as opposed to an employee, you are probably not owed anything.

The more likely case is that what you signed was not a contract at all. In fact, if it is anything like what most employers ask new hires to sign it explicitly says that it is not to be construed as a contract. It is merely a book of the companies employment policies that they reserve the right to change at any time.

If you were truly an employee, which you most likely were, you are entitled to your wages for all hours worked.

You can file a complaint with your state Dept of Labor or federal department of labor to recover any unpaid wages, although itmay be difficult to recover anymore than minimum wage for the hours you worked.

If it's in the contract, why are you even asking the question?? You signed it, you broke it, too bad how sad.

The required notice is two weeks in most states
They have to pay you.
Call the labor relations board.

It is against the Law to withhold your salary already earned, if you signed a contract that binds you to give a notice before quitting, that is a different animal, they could punish you let's say "they wont hire you in a future date", but contact the Labor Department "What you earned is yours"

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