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If I quit my job do they still need to pay my medical bills?
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If I quit my job do they still need to pay my medical bills?

I live in Colorado Springs and I was recently injured at work, my work agreed to pay the bills due to the
fact that I was able to prove I did get hurt at work; however, workers comp
is not paying for it, but just the actual company. If I quit my job before I
am released by the doctor, will they still have to finish paying my bills
for that injury?


if you don't have anything in writing, you don't have anything!

You should consult with an attorney who is experienced in workers comp matters, regardless of who is actually footing the bill. I suspect the liability continues even if you quit, but you had better talk to a lawyer first

If you got hurt on the job, it is a workers comp case. They admitted it by paying your bills. You should still be able to claim workers comp.

However, another employer may not look favorably on an injured individual. You may be better working at your current job unless you have a reason to leave.

This injury should have been run through worker's comp - the fact that it wasn't tells me that the company is trying to hide something. Maybe they don't want their WC insurance costs to rise, or they don't want to report this as a work injury to OSHA as they are required to do each year. For whatever reason, this is fishy.

Yes, a WC claim pays your medical bills throughout the life of the claim until it is settled. In this instance, the company should also theoretically pick up all costs to treat the injury, but since it hasn't been handled correctly from the get-go, it's anyone's guess what they will do if you leave.

wanda jackson
If I quit my job due to my injury is workerscomp still responsible for my medical bills

Hi quick question about workmans comp in Washington state. If I were to be fired or quit my job, is workmans comp still responsible for all my medical bills? Or will I be responsible?

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