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If you've been with a company for 6 years and get dismissed, do you get paid X months salary, if so, how much?
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If you've been with a company for 6 years and get dismissed, do you get paid X months salary, if so, how much?

And does it depend on the type of dismissal (eg : gross misconduct)?


They could dismiss you immediately with no pay for gross misconduct but they are unlikely to do that unless it was v. serious.

If your job is being made redundant then that's different

If you are dismissed/sacked you do NOT get paid at all - a lot of companies will NOT pay you any money owed to you since the last pay, they will keep this money as compansation as you have damaged the company's name or reputation.

If you are being made redundant and have worked for them for 6 years you will get 6 weeks pay - 1 week's pay for every complete year you have worked for them.

If you have been sacked as opposed to been made redundant then there will have been a notice period served by the company. This should be stated in your contract and in the dismissal notice. There is no entitlement beyond that, in fact if the gross misconduct includes financial loss, you may have salary deducted to make good the loss to the company.

Ron S
You only get paid redundancy money if your job was made redundant.

If you were dismissed you only get what is owed to you for the work up to the day of dismissal plus any outstanding holidays you are entitled to.

If you mean dismissed as in fired, then no, you are not entitled to anything at all. It doesn't matter whether it's gross misconduct or any other reason. Clearly you've been fired because you can't do your job, so why should your employer pay you to be rid of you?

The only exception could be that if the employer doesn't want to follow the standard warning procedure and wants rid of you immediately, sometimes they'll just pay you off. That isn't strictly legal so there's no set amount. But this does not apply in situations like gross misconduct, where they don't have to follow the standard procedure and can just get rid of you immediately.

If you mean that you've actually been made redundant, then after two years' service you are entitled to statutory redundancy pay. I can't remember the exact figure but it's something like two weeks' pay for each year that you've been employed, so it's not a huge amount of money.

In the US there are NO laws entitling employees to anything other than being paid for their work AND forcing a company to stick to a contract.

If you were fired unjustly, you may be able to sue if they block your unemployment, see a labor lawyer.

If they allow you to collect unemployment, usually lawyers won't touch your case.

But, no, there are no laws saying I have to give my employees anything other than the pay I owe for the work completed.

Are you in the US? There are no laws mandating severance pay, although some companies will give it if you are laid off and not fired. If you are dismissed for gross misconduct, I'd be surprised if any company would pay you any severance pay.

pingu says
you get nothing! back in the old days you got severance pay. but for on the spot dismissal you get your lying week and the week you worked. if you get made redundant you get a weeks wages for every year worked plus company pension at 1/3 the value of what you paid in or something like that. if you get paid off you get lying week and weeks wages. i have absolutely no love or respect for any employer at the minute, so i would screw them for all i could. if your only legally able to get whats owed then drop them in it too. any dirt you have on them let the proper authorities know about it. thast the taxman and health and safety and if needs be the cops.

Marc X
This kind of sounds like a UK question. In the US, there is no severance pay by law or regulation. Only that which is specifically negotiated in a contract between the company and individual. The terms for such severance pay would also be specified in the contract.

In one contract for me, the only exclusion for severance pay would be termination due to a criminal act against the company, which also would have resulted in prosecution. (They wanted me REALLY bad.)

Volatility K
They don't have to pay you at all but MAY decide to give 2 weeks pay simply to be done with you.

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