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If you are working overtime do you still by law take a 30 min lunch and if so do i still get 2 15 min breaks?
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If you are working overtime do you still by law take a 30 min lunch and if so do i still get 2 15 min breaks?


Miss Texas
Yes, you should be allowed a lunch break and you should get AT LEAST one 15 minute break, especially if you're working overtime. I work 8 hours a day and get an hour lunch with 2 15-minute breaks.

Gretchen V
If you live in Alberta, Yes, and Yes. By the way, the two 15-minutes are paid breaks.

Mopar 300
Yes and Yes. In California that is the case. Depending on how much overtime you might be required more 15 min breaks

Rules vary by state for breaks and lunches, but you wouldn't get LESS if you are working your normal shift plus overtime.

Jelly Bean
If you work an extra 4 hours you get an additional 15 minutes. If you work 8 hours you get an addtional mealtime and two 15 minute breaks.

The labor laws are different for every state and also by the union.
The California have a rule that if you work 5 hours, you must take at least 30 mins break. Anything less than 30 mins does not count towards the official required break. So if you had to take two 15 mins break then it doesn't add up to one 30 mins break.
Check with your union or the local labor laws. The HR should be able to help.

If you're gonna work 6 or more hours, you must have at least a 30-minute break by the 5th hour. If working 8 hours, you also get two 10-minute breaks. Most employers give 15.

you are supposed to get a 15 minute break every 3 hours and if you are working voluntary overtime you don't get a 15 minute break if you're working over 3 hours of overtime. if it's involuntary you should get it.

There is actually no law that employees are entitled to lunch or meal breaks. There is a dept of labor regulation that stated how employees are to be compensated (or not) for meal and rest periods.

However, in most industries the following are common practice for meal and rest periods:

-one 10 or 15 minute break for every four hours of work
-one 30-minute meal period for every five hours of work, unless the shift will end in six hours. Employees in some states can also choose to waive their meal period if they do so in writing.

If you work overtime you should get a break once every four hours... I think.

depends where you are. most places require that you have a 1/2 hour unpaid break every 4 hours for lunch breaks. some will also require that you get a paid break as well.

Working conditions are governed by STATE law as well as by federal. Check your state's Web site -- look for "Department of Labor" or "DOL" links.

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ask ur boss

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