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If you give two weeks notice, and are asked to leave the same day, can you collect unemployement?
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If you give two weeks notice, and are asked to leave the same day, can you collect unemployement?

I found a new job that is going to start at the end of the year. I plan on giving my current employer at least 3 weeks notice. If I do so and I am asked to leave that same day, am I eligible to collect unemployment? I don't want to go 3 weeks without pay and technically, I am not "quitting" until the end of the three weeks. Thank you!


definitely check out your local labor laws. you can go to your state's web site and they'll have links.

is your relationship that bad with your boss? I would think they'd at least want to keep you around to train someone.

Also, I think if you hand in your two week notice, and they ask you to leave before the 2 weeks are up, technically you were fired. I know in our payroll system we have to give a termination date to stop paying someone. if the term date is before the date stated in your notice as your last day, you were fired. just a thought

most likely no, once they receive notice that you are voluntarily quiting, they may terminate you the day you give notice, even if you are giving them three weeks notice

and unemployment will considered it a voluntary quit on your part even though the company let you go three weeks earlier, the day you give notice of intent to quit in future that is it

Probably. File anyway.

Carrie-ann F
if they asked you to leave then yes you can...however it takes 35 days for them to accept your file for unemployment be ware. but if they asked you to leave that is them terminating your position and if you were passed your probation period, you can request that they pay you for the two weeks you could fo still been there in small claims court and ask for them to pay your court fees....even doing that you can still start your unemployment case file though and you will recieve both amounts...do not openly tell them you are sueing them though

If you give notice to your employer (2 weeks is the standard timeframe to give) and they ask you to leave the same day it is up to the company. There are no state laws that mandate an employer to pay you for time not worked. "At will" means that an employer can let you go, with or without notice, at any time. Just as you are free to leave them "at will". I would wait, give them 2 weeks notice.

If they ask you to leave early then ask them if they are going to pay out your notice or not. If they say no you can always apply for UI and see what happens. Realize that after you apply for UI it is easily 3 weeks before you will see the first check, the first week is unpaid automatically as a waiting period. Then if the employer contests it there is a longer delay time while the process goes along.

Depends on the state. Some states require the employer to pay you for your notice if they ask you to leave when you give it. Other states have very specific unemployment laws. I would check what your state laws are on the web.

If they ask you to leave early, they are effectively terminating you, in which case you should be eligible to collect UI.

Good luck!

my employer found out I may be quiting, she asked me and I told her I was thinking about it but hadn't decidedyet. She told me to give notice and quit, what should I actually do. Quit or let them fire me?

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