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If you smoke I won't hire you?
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If you smoke I won't hire you?

I run more than one business, do you think me wrong for not wanting to hire smokers, keep in mind the time lost to me with smoke breaks. if a smoker goes for a smoke break every hour and including the walk outside and the time to smoke and the walk back in, lets say 10 Min's (at least) that costs me money, if they do that once an hour, take out lunch and the 10 o'clock and 3 o'clock break its still 5 extra breaks. or about an hour per day per employee, @t 10 employees @ $10.00 per hour, that's $100.00 per day X 5 days a week that's $500 a week X 50 weeks, ( two weeks vacation) that's ......... wait for it......twenty five thousand a year, that's serious change to me, what do you think
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Thanks Ziggy, it makes me so mad that they can scream about their rights, what about my 25 grand, and thats only wages, not lost profit from work not getting done


John T
I agree with you. I would not hire a smoker for the exact reason you mention. Interview enough people and then choose the best non-smoker with the best qualifications.

Zach F
Smokers shouldn't get more breaks than other people. So if they got a break every hour then the other workers should get the same amount of breaks. Where I work the smokers have the same breaks as everyone else. That's how it should be.

That's your prerogative and its your business you can do whatever you want. but definitely dont tell them thats why they werent hired

Okay, to clear up some of the things I have seen posted:

-I can't find anywhere that smokers are a protected class. So hiring or not hiring someone because they are a smoker probably isn't something that is discriminatory. That said, check with the department of labor in the state where your employees work to be sure.

-Your problem isn't necessarerly hiring smokers, it's hiring people who will do the job you need done. It also invlolves finding people who see value in working for you.

-You can legally screen out people who are unable to accomplish the job for which they are interviewing/hired for. If the job requires them to adhear to a schedule with specific break times, and that is the expetation and it's uniformly enforced for everyone, not just smokers (or any other type of person for that matter) then your company has set up an expetation of performance.

-Also, if you are hiring people in a "work-at-will" job, and they are covered by a contract or union agreement, then those employees can leave, or you can fire them for any reason or no reason at all.

-Check with an attorney who specializes in labor law in your state about a policy around smoking, and what you can legally do.

-From your post, it seems that having people at their workstation/desk/post is important. If I were your HR consultant, I'd be asking questions like: What policies do you currently have in place that spell out breaks,and clocking out when away from yoru work location. I'd also be encouraging you to prepare employees, smokers or not, for a culture that has clear expetations of shifts, hours, breaks and output.

Well I smoke but I smoke on my breaks only, I timed it a few times before and there actually saving money with me, your right about the 10 minutes for a smoke so I take 10 instead of 15 min breaks.

Just don't let them take extra breaks for smoking, you only have to give them 2 15 min breaks and one 30 minute lunch unpaid.

You shouldn't judge someone just because they smoke, were only hurting ourselves no one else, and doesn't mean we wont do our jobs. I work hard and do the best job I can and more when I can. Non smokers can be lazy to just like everyone else.

Yes this is discrimination, but it is not illegal discrimination.

I would respect you for it. If you decide not to hire smokers just don't tell them that is why or they will file discrimination lawsuit against you.

Good Luck

Most people who smoke do not get a break every hour. Smokers get 15 minutes in the a.m.---1/2 hour for lunch, and 15 minutes in the afternoon....just like everyone else.

I believe that you should still hire smokers. Lets talk more statistics. First, smokers do not need a smoke break every hour, sure they would enjoy that, but they know that that is not to be expected in any normal job. Second, If you give them two 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break (I'm assuming that this is an eight hour shift), then that would be enough to satisfy most smokers cravings. Third, everyone needs a couple breaks in the day, if employees never have a chance to relax they will just break and quit on your company. So the question is, if you only have the lunch break and the 2 "smoke" breaks (50 minutes/employee/day) and no other unnecessary breaks, then will it be saving yourself trouble hiring new employees all the time (regardless of whether or not they smoke) when they don't get a break from it all, or would you rather go through the hiring process over and over just to make a few more dollars?

You can't even ask if they smoke.
Not hiring them because of that, is like saying, I won't hire you because you're overweight, gay or the wrong color. Discrimination is discrimination not matter how you look at it.
Just say, these are your breaks. No more, that's it. Anyone abuses it, and I mean anyone. You terminate them. It's that simple.

Bridget K
It is discrimination not to hire someone just because they smoke. Have you ever thought about just telling them that they can't smoke other than on their lunch? Or that they can only take 1 break before lunch and 1 after lunch? You also may want to check your state law on paid breaks and such because some states have laws stating (for example) that you have to provide 2 15 minute paid breaks for 8 hours worked a day. You could lose out on a lot of good employees if you are not willing to hire someone because they smoke. I know where I work people use to be able to go smoke whenever they wanted and that was getting out of hand. Now it is up to the manager in that department but some have decided not to allow them to smoke other than on their lunch while others will let them go out once before lunch and once after lunch.

It's not fair, because if you did that it's only fair to hire other people by their lifestyle choices, and smoking is one of the few choices that you can't hide. They could be a drug addict for all you know...

Who goes on a smoke break once an hour? You have two fifteen minute breaks. And that equals twice...

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