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If your check stub has vacation and sick hours available listed are you entitled to them?
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If your check stub has vacation and sick hours available listed are you entitled to them?

my pay check stub says i have paid vacation hours however my company won't let me use them - they say, it is an error in payroll, is it an error in my favor? I've never received an employee manual stating the vacation policies, does the failure to inform otherwise, make a difference in this matter?


paid time off is a matter of policy.
in every state the employer does have the final decision on when vacation may be taken.
in a couple(only a couple) of states, once vacation time is earned the employer must pay it out even at separation. in NO state does sick or personnel time have to be paid out at separation.
in every state an "error" in benefits or even in pay is correctable once the error is made known or discovered by the employer.
employee manuals are not required to be used or provided but.....
an employer who fails to make policy known will find it difficult to enforce the policies if challenged.

Elliott M
if they show and it is not a mistake you are intitled to them.every employee has the rite to the policies of the employment and if there is a human resource dept that were you go for you answers it is allegedly confidential

Not necessarily. Check your contract.

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