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If your have been continually accused of stealing and you have not been.......should you quit the job?
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If your have been continually accused of stealing and you have not been.......should you quit the job?

I work at a Country Club in the bar area, other girls have access to the cash register. I am older age 51, most of the other girls who work there are in there 20's. I feel they are setting me up.
When the girl in the next shift finds out how much I made in tips on my shift....they make the cash register short that amount for when I open the next day.


AtomiK Kitten
Then don't tell them that you got any tips. It isn't their business.

Why should you quit?? I would talk to management about starting with a new register at the beginning of your shift and turning in your register at the end of your shift. That way, management can see that your register is not short. That is typically the way it is done to begin with.

65% water
The first thing that occurs to me is how do they "find out" the amount you made in tips?

Secondly, of course you should quit. They obviously don't want you there and are willing to go to any lengths to make your life hell. It sounds like it's just a matter of how much do you want to suffer.

How are they getting access to your wages? I would bring the concern to the manager and have someone with you when you open the register for business. They can vouch that the register was short prior to opening.

Does the register have an electronic back up? One that could show if you "opened" more than once. If so, set up a video to record your opening as usual. Provide that to the manager (if they won't assist with opening) and then have them check the electronic logs to see if you touched the register more than once.

Or, start looking for a new job without saying a word to anyone (99% of the job force does it). Get hired, give same day notice so the other gals can't set you up for thief charges and go.

Anthony N
Actually, if there is stealing, they do need to prove it. Ask them to prove it by a video surveillance tape at best or an eyewitness account at worst. You may be right, it may be a set up.

If you are being accused of stealing, then you need to take it to HR (or whoever is responsible for HR compliance) with the facts, and only the facts.

And here is the real question - why is your manager not verifying the cash drawer before and after each shift? I've worked in retail and food service. It's typically the responsibility of the manager to be sure the cash is accounted for.

If you can't change the accountability structure, then you should definitely be looking for another job.

Billy Dee
Hell yeah you should quit the job. Find another one first and explain to them why you are quitting the one you're at. They are definitely setting you up and in the future keep your tips amount to yourself.

Its time to arrange a lie detector test and start fileing some defermation of charactor charges,get yourself a lawyer and kick some butt.

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