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In California, can you collect unemployment benefits if you quit your job?
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In California, can you collect unemployment benefits if you quit your job?

Or is it only for those who get fired/laid off from their job?


Rob B
In most cases, you can collect even if you quit.
The EDD will send a letter to your former boss asking if he is contesting unemployment. In most cases, the bosses are too busy or lazy to fill out the form and mail it back in. In other cases, they have no idea what the law is and ignore it.

Even if your employer contests it, you have a chance to have a hearing. California leans toward the employee in nearly every case. I've seen some pretty wacky cases where I thought there was no way the employee would win and they still did.

Sometimes, it also depends on why you quit your job. If you were being illegally discriminated against or harassed, they purposely made conditions so bad for you that you had no choice but to quit, or they told you to quit or be fired, you will likely get your benefits.

There is one way you can quit and still collect unemployment benefits. That is if you can prove constructive discharge. In other words, you would have to prove that they deliberately made the work or the work environment intentionally unpleasant so that you would quit.

If you quit for no good reason, there is no way you'll receive unemployment benefits.

Yes you can get unemployment if you quit, but you need to have all your ducks in a row. It would take me forever to find all the paperwork, so I am going off memory. Basically, you don't have to work at a job that is so dreadful it makes you physically or mentally "ill". I don't have the exact quote, but you get my drift. There would be hearings and you will not get it right away if you get it at all. You do not need any medical certification for this. His situation was extreme and his boss lied at the hearing and said that he fired my boyfriend. That was pretty stupid because his resignation email was time stamped. You do not have to legally give any notice other than to say "I quit" if you are an hourly employee. If you are salary, a contract is implied and legally you do need to give notice.

Nope..........everyone would do it...........

Normally no, not if you quit.

Deece 1
If you can Im movin there

no, not unless you got fired and have proof that youre looking for a new job. or if youre not physically able to work...

in most states its only those who are laid off or fired...i think it's federal thing.

it's for those laid off/fired. you can try and apply but it's typically very difficult and takes months for them to even review your case.

edit. my hubby was laid off a few years ago and they did have a question asking if you were fired so technically you can try but odds are you won't get it.

Only for those who get fired

In no state can you collect if you quit, if you could everyone would be quitting for the free money

I have worked for a company for 10 years and have had nothing short of stellar reviews. Over the past year staff have been making complaints to HR and contractors about me. Investigations were conducted and nothing was found except for minor infractions. Due to the turmoil, stress and hostility caused by the accusations, I have gone on medication and was recommended to leave my current employer for psych. and health reasons. I advised my supervisor three months ago I was looking at other employment due to the stress and hostile work environment and she took it as a resignation. I am now being pressured to leave my position upon the company finding a successor. What can I do to leave on my own terms and to ensure I receive unemployment benefits promptly?

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