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Interested in being a lawyer but afraid of public speaking. advice?
Find answers to your legal question.

Interested in being a lawyer but afraid of public speaking. advice?


Don't be a trial lawyer - lots of corporate lawyers never do any public speaking. You could also be a patent attorney, again, you never go to court.

Have you even graduated law school, pass the Bar exam and found a job in a law firm already? If not, I'm sure you have time to conquer your fear of public speaking. Not all attorneys have to speak out in public as portrayed in movies with a courtroom setting. I would expect you have to be able to speak with a client one on one though.

Most people overcome fear of public speaking as they get through college.

Don't let your fear of public speaking worry you. You will find that after a little practice it becomes easy. The public speaking youdo as a lawyer is situational. While you may now feel nervous about giving a speech, you may not be nervous about giving what you know is the right answer in class.

Also, as a lawyer, you will be very prepared for speaking to groups. You'll have all the facts. You'll have the position. You'll have the practice. You'll do great.

In any event, if you don't want to do public speaking, then there are many law positions that don't require it.

I used to be quite afraid of public speaking. I was thrown into it in college when I had to teach some classes on material I knew cold. After the first few minutes, it was a lot easier. After a few weeks, it was second nature.

i had the same problem when i was starting an"multimedia instructor" job in a private academy .. it's easy to overcome it with training .. try to train with some of your friends at home you won't feel afraid of them and they will point you along the way of when you were good or not .. and if there is any of them that might make silly notes on you or eve laugh it's not a problem cause they are your friends and you might laugh along at first but soon you'll be able to agnore it in a proffisional way and move on "just like lawyers agnore and goes throug angery defended relatives or common presure"

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