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Is a contract legal if you do not sign it in front of the people and if it is not notarized?
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Is a contract legal if you do not sign it in front of the people and if it is not notarized?

I'm in a hell of a pickel. Are contracts legal if you do not sign them in front of the person and if you don't have them notarized. Like I just signed it and sent it out to the person without notarizing it. PLEASE HELP.


A contract is signed by the parties to the contract and witnesses have to sign the contract .

Since you have signed and sent , the other party may obtain signatures of witnesses as if they witnessed when both of you signed the contract !!

Have you sent it by post with any covering letter stating that you alone have signed it ?. Please send a letter now stating that after your signature you have sent it to him and ask him in the same letter whether he has obtained signature of witnesses !!. If you get a reply , confirming your letter then you can always claim the contract is not legal !!!

Yes they are legal if you signed it. They don't have to be witnessed or notarized.

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I believe it is. Unless your state has some specific law about contracts.

I concur with Judy. If you sign it, it's legally binding. The notarization is an extra assurance that the person's name on the signature line is the person who put it there. Extra insurance if you will to prevent claims of fraud or forgery.

Question: if a person types a contract and one party signs it for there half and signs the name of their witness as well, and it's mailed to the other party, but they don't notarize. Can that be held against you, if they try to do anything about it?

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