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Is is legal to get served with a lawsuit at work?
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Is is legal to get served with a lawsuit at work?

is this legal? why is it legal? wouldnt it be detrimental to my standing at work if my employer or co-workers knew that i was being served?


Princess Leia
Yes, it is legal to serve you at work (at least it is in California). The process server is usually provided a residential (home) address and a work address. If you evade service at home and no one else resides with you, you cannot be substitute served.

However, if they try your work several times and you try to avoid service there, they can substitute serve you at work.

It's within the Code of Civil Procedure on how to properly serve someone.

sorry I don't know why it is legal, but it is. They can serve you anywhere they know they will find you because people normally try to avoid that. Must be embarrasing

unless you tell your employer what you are being served, they really are not going to know..

did this come up to you and let everyone know what they were handing you;..

being served is them just handing you a letter..and maybe you signing for it..

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