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Is it illegal to have a yard sale everyday or weekend?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it illegal to have a yard sale everyday or weekend?

if it is ok with the neighbors


The Tron
No, go ahead and have one every day or every weekend if you'd like.

Jack X
Neighbors don't count. What matters is what your local zoning says. Many areas don't allow constant yard sales.

yes! city must give permission!

essentially, if you had a yard sale everyday you would be moving into the realm of what would be considered a business--much like a flee market--and therefore, barring complaints from neighbors, you would need local permits for conducting business--assuming you had the proper zooming

Look Away, I'm Hideous
if you have a yard sale everyday, you might be a redneck

it depends on wher you live some places you can only have 2 a year some places you need a permit but some places that is legal

It depends on what your city or township charter allows. Some cities are pickier than others. You can call your city hall and find out what their regulations are about yard sales.

It might be, depending on local ordinances. If you are having one every weekend, you have crossed the line from yard sale to a business. You would probably also be required to collect sales tax and remit it to your state.

Fashion & Horses Girl
yes it is illegal your only alloud to have a spesific ammount each year like 4 or 6 or something.

find out your local laws.

Texas granny turtle
In my city they require a free permit, and only allowed 2 a year. We actually have a lot next to our house with different address and was not allowed to use it as it is not a house. Also rules about size and number of signs which I agree some with, and I get annoyed at persons that leave OLD signs up.
Anyone having sales every day is running a business and causing traffic concern.

yes if u sell always

If you are using your property primarily for selling things you might be considered a business. Then the city might require you to get a license, and your home might not be properly zoned.

Some areas require a garage sale permit, but don't always enforce it. If you are constantly selling things you might be in violation of that statute. If your neighbors or someone else report you, you might be fined.

If your sale looks bad it might be considered a nuisance because it could devalue your neighbors property or bring in more traffic than usual. Again, your neighbors would be the ones to enforce this.

(This is not to be considered real legal advice. You should speak to an attorney in your area if you are concerned)

Check your city laws and ordinances. Some cities have put a limit in place for how often you can hold a yard sale.

it might be - check with your Council

jonny wad
depends on what your local laws, and codes say

It may illegal for zoning reasons. When I called the zoning office they said you can run a business from your home (in my area) as long as there weren't signs, and it didn't cause lots of cars to be parked around. That may be an issue if you have sales every weekend.

Depends on your state, but if you were to do that every weekend you would need to collect sales tax (if you live in a state that has sales tax). There is an exemption for occassional sales- 2 or fewer times a year. Above that, you begin to be "in the business of" selling. If you didn't collect there would be penalties. Depending on how much you make, there may be a similar threshold for income tax reporting.

Staszek G
Why go the trouble sell the stuff on the internet This is not even consider to be a form of selling its completely legal also here in Poland the Civil code here states that the owner has the right to do with his PROPIERTY what he wants that includes selling it !

Little. Miss. Sunshine.☀
YES - in Canada it is illegal to have more than 2 yard sales in one season. Also it gets really annoying when every week some neighbours put old junk out for sale and no body comes...and i know this because one of my neighbours have one all the time... eventually people stop coming because people dont want to buy other peoples junk ... so i suggest one or two because it can really piss the shyt out of people...

♥ Shadhiya ♥
it would be illegal . i preatty much depends on the neighbors you have

Caring girl.
I do not see why it would be but you would have to check.

no, it's not illegal, and if your neighbors are okay with it, that's fine. (:


if it is illegal during the week that is stupid. if it is illegal and an officer tells you just say you did not know and don't do it again most likely he will check up some other time and make sure you are not out there.

but you would have better luck on the weekends

Its on your property. I don't see why would it be illegal.

greg m
nice question. i admire your questioning.

the answer is no!

this is a free country. but i imagine if your selling stuff day after day on a regular basis they'll try to tax your ***.

but now you bring up another point...

is it legal to sell stuff from one person to another if your not claiming this as a source of income on your taxes? No



Yardsales are typically a Saturday only thing. Most people would be too busy during the week to go, and Sundays a lot of people have church so I'd stick to Saturday.

James Benton
I've never heard of it being illegal. Of course there are some crazy laws out there in certain states and counties. Like the one about putting ice cream in your pocket... lol. So you might want to check to make sure in your area.

As far as I'm concerned, no. I dont see why it would be, if you don't need any legal papers to have one once a year, why would everyday be different?

james P
i think you can have a yard sale whenever you want, but i think it's best to have them on weekends so that more people are off and that's when the yard sale crowd gets up early and goes hunting.

no why would it be

i've never heard of that. i think it's fine. my mom used to do it, and it worked great for her.

I believe there should be a regulation on how many days.Which you can hold a garage/yard sales.I have a neighbor who has a yard sale at the most four days every week.It's annoying,to myself,as well as others.Those who visit either leave their radios blaring or park improperly.We've,asked ho

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