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Is it legal for a company to not hire someone because they smoke cigarettes?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it legal for a company to not hire someone because they smoke cigarettes?

Or would that be considered discrimination?


Steve D
It is perfectly legal and becoming an accepted way of doing business. Discrimination laws only protect against things that one basically has no choice over (race, creed, color, national origin). Smoking is a choice that actually impacts on an employer (more sick days used, higher health insurance costs, lower productivity).

Captain Feathersword
YES! Who pays for the workers Health and Life Insurance? The Company.

Doctor Deth
I don't think that falls in the legal category of discrimination - although they can make smoking forbidden in the workplace and maybe even anywhere on their property-I don;t see WHY they would refuse to hire just for THAT specific reason, when they can deny you smoking priveledges at work

It's legal and the new wave of a lot of companies. It costs more to insure a smoker -- they need more breaks -- have more sick days, etc. More and more companies are going to either not hiring smokers, or making smokers pay more to be covered by insurance.

Depending where you are?
And I agree with one above. Steve D
In another co that I worked for the "smokers" were constantly taking breaks... so every hour or so they were outside contributing to thier addiction.
the non smokers had to continue working.

its legal they can but its a loose one now i think if its a job in the food or medical field i agree its hygene however if it was a job in an office or in a workshop then its perfetic i always say i'm a non smoker on my job aplications you get more hits then i'll smoke away happy and free LOL

I would think that would be descrimination.

It depends on the sort of product with which you're dealing and what sort of odor is clinging to you. It is legal not to hire you for that reason though.

Leon Rupert
I do not understand how it is legal not to hire someone because they smoke. Smoking is not against the law!! The next thing you know they will not hire people if they eat junk food, there are a lot more illnesses related to obesity, or bad diets than smoking. This is bull. Try to explain this to me.

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