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Is it legal for an employer to fire you without a reason?
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Is it legal for an employer to fire you without a reason?

I've worked for a janitorial company since March 2008. I have always been told that my cleaning was great and my supervisor was even going to put me into a leadership position. Now today she called me and said that she had to let me go. I asked her why and she said that under Michigan law she can't tell me. I asked her if she knew why and she said yes but I'm not at liberty to discuss that. Is it legal for them to not tell me why they are firing me?
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Ok, so fine they can get away with it. I have a way to get even with them. I am going to put in bids to a few places that I cleaned and take them over. If they want to screw with me then I'll screw with them. I don't get mad, I get even.


It's completely legal. Many of us (unless we belong to a union which has strong guildlines to follow) are "at will employees" and that basically means they can let you go for any reason, or no reason at all. All of that is spelled out in the paperwork you have to sign before you start working, it's usually thrown in there along with all the tax stuff you have to fill out.

As long as the firing wasn't because of an illegal reason (such as because of your age, race, religion, if you're pregnant, etc.) they employer was completely within their rights. Honestly, I don't know why an employer wouldn't tell an employee why they were being let go, but it happens.

There's not really much you can do here, unless you suspect they fired you for one of the illegal reasons I listed above. If you recently told someone you were pregnant, or discussed your religion with someone, I'd check to see if that got around to the boss. Depending on what kind of "evidence" you have towards that, you may be able to do something about it, but you'd have to have a pretty good case!

Sorry about it though, I live in Michigan too and I know the job climate here is really tough. I wish the best for you!

32 weeks pregnant with a boy
Yes it's legal, you could take them to court for it but then it would get thrown out, the judge either won't take it or the employer will make up a lie/excuse as to why they're not telling you..

Since they're not telling you, i highly doubt you done something wrong, it could've been someone didn't like you personally, they found someone else to do the job...

Yes, sorry, it's legal for them to just fire you and not tell you why.


Heather V
of course it is legal

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