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Is it legal in New Jersey that if you work over 40 hours per week, a company does not have to pay time & 1/2?
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Is it legal in New Jersey that if you work over 40 hours per week, a company does not have to pay time & 1/2?

The company that I just started to work for says that if I work over 40 hours per week that I just get straight time and NO time and 1/2, does anyone know if that is legal?


it depends are you hourly or salary, if salary than you get no o.t.

No it isn't. Labor laws are set by the federal government. Even if Jersey had a law that said otherwise, fed law would superceed it.

The only industry exempt is agriculture.

i think that it is not legal unless you are in food service then that is the case

It might depend upon who you work for and if you're considered seasonal or not.

For most people, most industries, anything over 40 is paid at time and a half. Check the NJ Dept of Labor website

If you are an hourly worker no it is not legal, however if you are in sales and get a commission or are salaried then yes the can. Also some places work a schedule the gets them a four day week every other week. The work 9 hours a day for 9 days the get the 10th day off for a three day week-end.

If your salaried yes, if it's hourly, no. Thank God the Bush Administration didn't get it's way on this one.

Yep.............but check you contract.........if you have one......

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