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Is it legal to put flyers on windshields?
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Is it legal to put flyers on windshields?


It depends on where you are doing it. If you are doing it on private property or at Wal-Mart or something, that's considered soliciting. In that case, you could not do it. If it's at your school and you've obtained permission from the appropriate source to hand out the flyers then yes, that's fine.

In most places, yes, but ONLY if you put them onto windshields of cars parked on PUBLIC property (street, etc.)

As soon as you venture onto PRIVATE property (malls, theaters etc.) then you fall under the rules of the owner of the parking lot involved.

Hence, in those cases, it is appropriate to approach the management of those facilities and procure permission to do so. (In most cases, you will be denied).

After reading other responses, I will indicate that I think it's a huge waste of time and effort. A HUGE percentage of motorists consider these flyers an annoyance and probably would not patronize a business doing so. They may think otherwise if the purpose of the flyer is for something charitable, such as a Cub Scout car wash.

john d
Check with you local town code enforcement office.In some places it is ok and in some it is not.Where I live if you do it and they see you you can get fined from 500 to 10,000 dollars and I have seen them do it too.Hope this helps

It depends on your location.

I've done it. All I know is you can't put them in mailboxes or tack to utility poles here.

Ivan Lim
I Live in Indonesia, and they put flyers on your windshield all the time! Heck, they even stick stickers on your car windows!!

depends on where you go dont go down neighborhoods putting flyers on automobiles you can however go to public buisnesses and advertise your flyers on there autos dont go to wal mart they will call you how do i know it happend to me lol target is another place to avoid also a cop came out and asked me to leave

as long as no body complains.. i think that's ok

yes, but i think it depends on the location of the car. like if it's in your driveway, that would probably not be legal.

Dr. Deth
each town probably has their own laws-call the town office

Hate to say this, but these are things in life that we need to get over with. Take the flyer, throw it away, and move on. Why bother ?

I think that unless the particular business or parking lot prohibits it with signage that it's probably legal. Check with your city or county, though, if you want to be absolutely certain.

You have to check with your city's code on that issue. In my city it's illegal to so on public streets. Therefore most folks put them on windshields in private parking lots like Wal-Mart.

WoW player
it depends wat state your in

In some counties, yes.

In some communities it is considered littering because most people don't even read them and toss them on the ground. You can apply for permits to distribute flyers.

yeah depends what state or area your in its is allegal or sumthing???

It is annoying that is for sure!!

&hearts Andrea &hearts
Yes, if you are in a public parking lot. And if there aren't any signs that say NO SOLICITING.

no its not. i've checked websites. it isnt because its basically touching other people's property and its rude. but most people who do it don't get caught because its not such a big deal.

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