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Is it possible to ask for my job back after being fired from it?
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Is it possible to ask for my job back after being fired from it?

i was wondering if it has been/if possible to ask for my job back after being fired?


Lea L
Now, why would they want you back after they just fired you? Silly boy!

You can always ask. Doesn't mean you'll get it.

Yes, it's possible. It happened to my friend.

After a change in management, he got it back and everything worked out. The ownership was still the same.

I agree it's possible, but why would they hire you back if they fired you? But normally they wouldn't do it.

FFS what's with the names?
It is possible, and I have known of instances where the employee has got their job back, but a lot will depend on why you were fired.

If you were fired for dishonesty or abusing the trust of your employer in some way, it is doubtful you will get the job back. Would you re-hire someone you knew had been robbing you or betraying you?

If it was for a misdemeanour involving something such as failing to observe workplace safety rules, tardiness or poor performance, you may be able to make a case that you have learned your lesson and ask for a second chance.

Whatever the situation, make an appointment with the most senior person possible, and when you see them, get straight to the point in an open and forthright manner.

Acknowledge your previous errors and be prepared to outline how you intend to change to make yourself a better, more productive employee.

And also recognise that you will be under a lot of scrutiny and may get a harder time from supervisors, etc, than other employees will until you have proven yourself.

Be prpared for them to say 'no', but make a good case for yourself and you may at least earn their respect.

Good luck! :-)

if you got fired most likely they will not take you back but you could always ask but they gonna say no good luck

It never hurts to try.....what is the worst they can tell you.....NO? Go for it.

Sure, but are you sure you want the job where someone fired you, and what would change

Heather V
You can ask, but I doubt a company that fired you once before would hire you again

harry w
Yes, you can, I got fired last month, for breaking a peice of equipment, and was honest and reported that I had done it right away. That along with never being late in four and a half years, never being written up, I made an agreement that if I got into an anger management program, that they will bring me back in a month.

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