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Leaving my job due to working conditions.......can i refuse to work my notice?
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Leaving my job due to working conditions.......can i refuse to work my notice?

i have been in a job for a month and hate it. the job is in customer service and is based in a tiny office in a warehouse which means it is freezing cold all day and i have been ill since i started there.

it is the first time this job has been based out of the warehouse as it was previously done out of the showroom in london. i had no training for the role and the person i replaced had done the job based in the showroom for 5 years and was naturally incredibly quick at it. i am unable to work at this pace and have had no support. the only way of communicating with the customer service manager is through MSN! i have been incredibly stressed and have been getting terrible migraines because of the stress of the job.

can they refuse to pay me for the work i have already done if i am leaving due to the working conditions?

What should i say in my resignation letter?

if they refuse to pay me where do i stand legally?

im an in the UK and any answers will be much appreciated.

thanks, Lou xxx


Michael W
Your employer has to be reasonable and there are laws regarding health and safety at work, including how warm a place should be. Normally the temperature should be at least 16C.

Your employer is legally bound to pay you for the work you have performed.

If you are not paid, in full, including any holiday or sickness pay you are entitled to you can take your employer to the employment tribunal court, but must do so within 3 months of leaving.

you dont have to work it..but they can refuse to pay you your last wage and week in hand if you did one

Sonni C
lou tell them stick it get job seekers fuk it dont get ill over a job you havee a life to live not fuking msn all day good luck

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