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Legal rights for being fired for insubordination?
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Legal rights for being fired for insubordination?

My company has us turn in timesheets on Sat, but I was unable to show to the office becuase they gave me to much work to do that morning about 80 miles away from office. I called my supervisor up and let him know I wouldn't make it into the office that morning because i was overbooked. He said thats fine we will do your timesheet next week. So I turn my timesheet in on tuesday the next working day for me, and on friday about 4:00 HR called me to let me know they had my paycheck at the office and he would be their until 5:00 to pick it up. Well I have direct deposit and didn't know why they had my check in the office. I call him back and ask why it didn't get directly deposited, and he said it was becuase I didn't fill out a timesheet.(Even though my Sup said it was ok) I could't make it to the office in an hour so I told him to have it ready on Sat. I was really upset picked up my check Sat. told them I was sick and left. Then they fired me for no timesheet.


did they fire you for no time sheet or because you mouthed off?
without the needed amount of time direct deposit wasn't possible but they made an extra effort to get you a pay check by Friday and you ran your mouth about it, correct?
was your supervisor wrong, maybe but you were still paid on time at (most likely) an added expense to the company.
you were probably terminated for insubordination for what you said and how you said it to the person who had your check for you.

file for unemployment insurance, you may not get it but you never know until you try. learn to control your temper even your writing shows you have a little bit of one.
often how things are said are much more important then what is actually said.

IT isn't uncommon that if your payroll isn't ready on time then you don't get direct deposit. It is mostly because direct deposit actually cost the company money, and thus because it wasn't submitted with the batch would have cost the company and additional processing fee.

Most states allow you to fire at will, thus they really do not need to justify their reasoning.

However there are a few point which I am confused about, were you scheduled to work that Saturday, was there any exchange of words? Those could be justifiable reasons to let you go if you live in a state where they do need cause.

In general, employers need no reason to lay off or fire an employee. There's little you can do about what happened, other than dealing with the consequences. It's entirely possible that they did not care for what you said or how you said it (something to keep in mind for the future).

Some companies use the term "insubordination" when firing an employee so as to keep you from filing unemployment. When the EDD requests reasons for your dismissal from your previous position, the word tends to be strong enough to deny you any benefits. You can fight this, though, so keep your chin up!

Think of it this way, too... would you really have wanted to stick with a company that treated you this way with your PAYCHECK????

Mostly can fire you for whatever they want, not much you can do about it now. Could try to sue only way to get any money out of it. I would not want a job back that they fired me over

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