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My ex-employer did not show up to unemployment hearing, did I win?
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My ex-employer did not show up to unemployment hearing, did I win?

I live in MD and when I was denied benefits b/c the employer said I left to go to school, I filed an appeal. The hearing just passed and I was there but the employer was not. I was asked to explain my side then I left, does that mean I win by default just as they would if I had not shown? If I did win, when would I receive the benefits? I have filed my continued claims.


Andi, HR Specialist
You will be notified soon of the results of the hearing. You should win by default.

You could call the EDD and ask them how this works.

You probably will win, depends on the laws of your state. I am in Texas and in Texas you would have won. It will take a few weeks before you know anything.

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