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On job applications where it ask reason for leaving, should you put you were terminated?
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On job applications where it ask reason for leaving, should you put you were terminated?

I was termed from my job for not meeting one goal of many. I don't want to put that i was termed and the employer can't advise that i was fired if they are called for a reference. What could I put instead?
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My ex-employer advised they don't tell potential employers if you were teminated. They only advise the date you started and the date you left.


are you in the US?
if so, what gave you the idea a former employer can not release honest, truthful information about your work performance?

you need to be honest on the application, as most state that failure to be honest and completely answering all questions is grounds to not be considered and terminated with cause if hired and the information is discovered later.

state that you were terminated and will discuss during an interview.
everyone has been fired at some point in their careers and hiding it or lying about such a common and usually meaningless occurrence does not speak well of the applicant. anyone who would lie about this will lie about important issues as well.

Put "will discuss" and leave it open to discuss the reason for the termination with the potential new employer.

Write down that you left due to personal reasons. hope that helps!

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