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On what grounds can i file suit against my employer?
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On what grounds can i file suit against my employer?

for instance, ive asked for record of my pay (a pay statement) but ever since i asked him hes been avoiding me... also he deducts money not only on my check but other workers checks saying he can if we don't clean up he'll take 2.00 for everything not done. (this is a waitress job) currently hes cut my hours for not having proof that i was sick even though i couldn't afford to go to a doctor. he took my check stubs on 3 different occasions and when i ask for them he says he'll get it to me but never does... what can i do legally because there is so much more and im tired of being the only one who will stand up to him. (serious answers only please)


mr clean
wow he is with holding wages report him to the better business association he is breaking the law when he docks your wages

jamie h
I need a little more information from you. Please email me with the following
Your rate of pay
Your states minimum wage(or the state you are in)
any information as to any contract you may have signed during your employment concerning payroll deductions
are you paid by a paycheck with taxes taken out, or you being paid cash

I have been in the business for 30 years, and have seen numerous counts of gross misconduct on the part of employers. If you send me this info, maybe I can help.

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