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Rejected in all job applications. Now what do I do?
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Rejected in all job applications. Now what do I do?

I am very distressed. After 6 years university in studying for a law degree (and a business degree in my undergraduate), I was rejected from all 20 jobs I applied for.
I don't know what to do! I feel like every thing's gone to waste!
I wanted to work as either an Environmental Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer or Litigator. I chose the 20 firms which specialised in those areas but all of them sent a letter of rejection.

I haven't got the best grades in law school (perhaps a 60% average) but I have a lot of practical knowledge which I believe makes me stand out! I even pointed that out in my cover letter and CV.

What 'can' I do?

Help ! :(


I'm sure that is distressing but keep trying. Your 21st, 22nd or 30th application may be the one that picks you up. Sell yourself more on your accomplishments, special skills, or interests and down-play your grades as much as possible. Also,consider starting in another area of law until you get your reputation built and then transfer to your desired area.

Did you get to the interview stage? Try to find a professor or alumnus who knows someone who works in those firms. You need to get beyond the screeners, who were probably told to reject anyone with a 75 or below (or something like that). See if you can intern with one of the firms. The first job is the hardest to get.

And develop a tough skin -- litigators don't take No for an answer.

If you are a lawyer in your state you can work for yourself! You dont have to work for a law firm if you cant find a job through them.

Also consider doing something else. There is a recession right now so it is hard to find a job.
Here is something you could do: Go to a local community college or 4 year college and apply for a job there (maybe teaching criminal justice). To be a college professor all you need is a masters (in community college) or most prefer a doctorate which you have!
So while you are waiting for the economy to improve so you can be a real lawyer apply as a professor teaching criminal justice or sociology etc.

And also apply to legal aid jobs. They always need lawyers. It is low paying but you can gain legal experience which employers would look highly on.

I have had 8 years of college education so I understand how you feel. But you have to try different jobs if you cant get what you were looking for.

And take out anything negative (like the 60% grades) out of your cover letter! That probably didnt get you the job! If you point out negatives like "oh well my grades werent the best but I am great in person" or whatever you said they threw your resume out as soon as they read that!
Dont tell them about your grades! Let them meet you first and let them figure that out themselves. ONLY speak POSITIVE about yourself. NEVER EVER point out any negatives.

Hire yourself and show the world what you can do...

As you are finding out: jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast! This was not a good field to invest time and/or money in. Many reasons. Main reason?...We simply have WAY TOO MANY Lawyers! - we have a GLUT of Attorneys!

As you have also discovered: The law schools won't tell you the truth> that the economy/market is SATURATED. The law schools continue to recruit and churn out graduates.

Now if you want a JOB> consider and look into the field of HEALTHCARE! Even with your background. I am not kidding.

Good luck.

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