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Walmart Orientation: Position Overnight Stocker.?
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Walmart Orientation: Position Overnight Stocker.?

What are we going to do in Orientation?.. also i applied for overnight stocker..im with the frozen department meat, freezer i suppose stuff like that..can anyone tell me more about the position and also tell me everything about how long orientation will be? and this question is for serious ppl other ppl will be ignored and giver negative note. thank you all!


i just started at sams club. beings they are owned by the same the orientation should be the same. our orientation was for cashiers, overnight stockers and bakery and cafe its all the same orientation for any position. it was from 8-4 and a very interactive orientation. not boring at all. you will watch videos and they give you the store history,a tour of the store focusing on safety exits and spill stations etc. you take little quizzes and then you do these things called cbl's they are accessment tests on their computer. all very easy. just read and answer questions. there is about 50 total and they are due various times in your first couple of weeks of employment. your position will be stocking the freezer, packaging or rotating the meats etc. other duties i am not sure of will be tossed in too. good luck in your new job

Orientation is what you have to do before you start the job. Apparently you got hired. Orientation is ususlly about 1 to 2 hours depending on the company, You will watch safety videos and probably a company video and then a tour around your store. You will be filling and stocking meat and frozen foods. Most of Walmarts meats come in frozen. You will need to learn what needs filling and where to locate it. Bring along warm clothes and gloves as the freezers are cold when you are in there getting product out. Work smart, not hard.. Good Luck!!

Cool guy
In orientation you will just do paper work. The posistion will require you to stock the shelves and front the products.

Most of orientation is just to go over company policy and safty procedures. You will also spend a lot of time filling out paper work for taxes, insurance, etc.
It lasts for the better part of your first day of work. Nothing to worry about, just a lot of writing, watching dvds, and signing your name.

Its a really fun job first off. all you do is just restock everything thats been used, keep track of how much is sold and how much needs to be put back. theyll tell you that though. its basically common sense. orientation for me was an hour( mostly paper work and policies)

just clicking on for answer. sorry i too am thinking about this work and didnt want to lose post. gl i hope you get answers

Regardless of how long orientation is , you will be getting paid !
Not to be rude , but it seems you already want to get off early before you even start !
They will go over store safety rules,policies,benefits etc.....

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