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Were can i work WITHOUT working papers?
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Were can i work WITHOUT working papers?

I'm 14 and I'm looking for a job..

My working papers are in progress, but I'm sure I'm getting them soon.
I just need a job NOW. Please take this question seriously.

Can i take the job and later on show my working paper??
Additional Details
I'm thinking of working in macdonalds


depends on where you are but generally before you can get a work permit you must have a written job offer from the prospective employer.
so you need to FIND a job first.....

NO, you can not work before you actually get your work permit.
this is a violation and could cost the employer thousands of dollars in fines.

employers know how the system works and if you are hired you will have to get your permit completed before you actually start working. the employer knows that and if they hire you they will give you time to get this completed.

for more info about work permits (many states don't require them), hours you can work and jobs you can do go to:
US Department of Labor
there ae links for employers, educators, parents and TEENS.

l f
Look into carpet or painting companies.It's a good probability if you can present yourself they'll hire under the table.More than what mcd would give.This falls under apprentice work approved by your parents.There's other companies that will do this also.Look around.You could end up being better paid than some adults.

You can apply for the job without them, however they won't let you start working until you provide them. Shouldn't take long for you to get your working papers.

Alvin N
Can't work while your 14, but you can try to find a restaurant job.

Look -- The reason why working papers are required is to help prevent abuses of child labor laws. By the way McDonalds does not hire anyone under the age of 16. In fact, that was my second job during my teens (first was Burger King) and over my dead body would I ever allow my son to work for them or any other fast food place. Just some food for thought (no pun intended)

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