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What's the longest amount of time my employer can make me wait for a break or lunch on an eight hour shift?
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What's the longest amount of time my employer can make me wait for a break or lunch on an eight hour shift?

Is it legal to work me six hours straight with no break at all??


In CA, you are entitled to a 30 min meal break after 5 hours of work on an 8 hour shift. Check out the CA Labor Law website for more details (search CA Labor Law, and select the CA Labor Code subtitle on the .gov site).

There are no federal laws regarding breaks or lunch, there are some state laws.

Check state laws and Company policiy. If there are no state laws then Company policy would be followed.

It may depend on the state and how old you are.

I dont think there are any rules for people over 18.
In Indiana a minor has to take a 30 minute break if they work 5 or more hours otherwise the company gets charged i believe it's $1000 for every infraction. It may be the same for every state... dunno.

It depends on your state law if one exists on this. There isn't a federal law requiring breaks and lunches, but some states do have laws requiring them alter a certain amount of time. In many places, but not all, it would be legal for your employer to have you work 6 hours straight without a break.

Most states have indiviual laws regarding this. Check with your state.gov for more details. Also your age and if you are in school comes into this. In Indiana, you must take a break after 6 hours if you are 18 or under, over 18 breaks are not mandatory.

i think they have to at least give you a 15 min for 6 hours

I have heard that you should have a break every two hours while working on a job. Is this right?

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