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What are the penalities for leaving a job without sufficient notice?
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What are the penalities for leaving a job without sufficient notice?

I am just wondering if there are penalities if i decide to leave my employer without notice, i dont really care about references, but is it possible to go to court or pay fines?


Depends on your contract. If you didn't sign any contract you could leave without sufficient notice. But why leave this way?

Even the most difficult job situation should be left graciously and courteously. This is not the time to tell your boss what you really think of him or to offend your ex co-workers by assigning blame. Even weak bridges should not be burned!

A formal, brief resignation letter should be given to your current boss. Do not discuss any negative reasons for your leaving. Simply say that the new offer provides you with new challenges and opportunities. Your letter and discussion should be positive in all respects.

Peace and blessings!

Rick J
Unlikely, just no pay and not a good reference

If you work in an "at will" state either party may terminate at any time without notice. I'm not aware of the need to pay fines or go to court to quit a job in any state. Just quit...unless you have a contract.

If you work in the USA, most companies are "at will" employers. This give the company the right to terminate your employment at any time, with or without notice or cause. but, guess what? It also gives YOU the right to end the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without notice or cause.

You cannot be sued or forced to pay a fine for not giving notice - most people provide notice only as a professional courtesy.

No. Not in the USA. Just call in plenty of times and you will become terminated, then file for unemployment.

Usually when you get a job, you sign something that says you can terminate your employment at any time for any reason. Two weeks notice is just a courtesy. Unless for some reason your employer advanced your salary or something, then you'd be stealing from them. Or if your under contract. But you would know if you were.

They can't take you to court unless you had some kind of contract. But its not a good thing to do and future employers won't react well if they find out about it because they don't want people doing this to them. Two weeks is standard notice. Unless you are in a really bad situation, hang in there and don't make waves. You may salvage a job reference and at least you won't have done anything to hurt your future job possibilities.

You don't say where you work, state, country etc.

Danny R
Depends on your employment contract. In the worst case scenario they can take you to court for damages (days that you were meant to work and make them money) but more often you wont get paid and given a bad work reference.

If you have joined job under any contract then it is said to be breach of contract. Leaving of job in case of no contract does not result in any punishment if your deed haven't resulted in any kind of financial loss for the company.

It doesn't matter if you leave without the 2 week notice, unless your under a contract. people quit their jobs everyday without giving notice, if your unhappy with your job (your not alone), bad treatment from management, no recognition, and just a number to them, there's no law binding you to that employer.

sir i leave a seo company as a seo specialist with out resign letter and noticed to company , i signed a bond for two years for a training period but i attaind only 2 days and i came to know that it is a marketing related job. so i leave the said job with out information . but after the company give a notice that they are taking legal action againest me for leaving with out information and signed a bond for two years and asked for explaination so please sugest me what can i do.

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